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The Politics of Selling:

How salespeople and politicians have eerily similar jobs

Politics is about selling – your ideas, your vision and yourself. But just like real salespeople, politicians face many challenges; trying to get people’s attention in a noisy world; helping them understand the product and why they need it; dealing with competitors that distort the truth; and the disappointment of a public that often just doesn’t seem to be interested in buying what you’re selling.


Capturing the Ottawa spirit, we will be kicking off this year’s conference through a Fireside Chat with retired politician and political advisor John Milloy on the similarities between two of the oldest professions.

About Dr. John Milloy

From 2003 to 2014, John Milloy served as MPP for the riding of Kitchener Centre, holding several senior Cabinet posts in the Ontario government. He had previously worked on Parliament Hill, including five years on the senior staff of Prime Minister Jean Chrétien.

Upon retirement from politics, John entered academia, and holds positions at Martin Luther University College, Wilfrid Laurier’s Political Science Department, and the University of Waterloo's Master of Public Service Program.


Arun Shastri.jpeg


Arun Shastri
Global AI Leader at ZS
ZS AI Innovation Lab

Here's a taste of what to expect! Arun was co-author of an article in the Harvard Business Review called "How Generative AI Will Change Sales". Have a read here.

For a sales leader at any level, every day, you will grapple with questions around digital and AI: What does digital mean for you, and how do you leverage it? How will digital affect what your customers need and how they engage with your company? What digital sales channels will you use and for which customers and tasks? How will you and your salespeople use real-time data, analytics, and AI to make your work more impactful and responsive to the market? How will digital continue to change your business? We will explore these and related topics.


Nancy Dewar
Master Executive Leadership Coach, Professional Development, TED Speaker, Author and Professor

Sales Coaching: How it can be a defining difference for the learner's experience

In the competitive sales world sales skills are needing to be more advanced and nuanced. Successful salespeople not only understand the basics of soft skills and  technical areas, but they need to execute them in real world applications. Understanding how to take the learning and transforming it into an executable style, learning how to perform the subtle differences that win you sales and getting in the moment feedback are invaluable for new salespeople.

Sales coaching can provide these nuances, coaching gives the individual in the moment feedback to help learners digest the content they know and articulate it in a way that demonstrates the learning


In this session I will review what coaching is and what it isn’t, how it can work seamlessly with your teaching and how it can enhance the learning experience for your sales learners.


About Nancy Dewar

Nancy Dewar is a sought-after Executive Coach and Keynote Speaker who engages audiences internationally through her experience and warm style. She is a Certified Executive Leadership Coach, PCC and Learning Strategist with a Masters of Education in Adult Learning and is a Certified Sales Professional, CSP. Her goal is to inspire others to the next level of greatest through leadership development, coaching and her Podcast Inspiring You.With a background in Coaching, Facilitation, Marketing, Academia and Business Development Nancy has a wealth of experience to draw from when working with clients and engaging audiences. Nancy is currently the Director of Professional Development at the Canadian Professional Sales Association.

Nancy has held several senior level positions and led several corporate coaching and learning initiatives. She is a part time Professor of Sales and Marketing at Sheridan College, and she specializes in leadership development, culture transformation, change management, sales coaching and has industry experience to include hospitality, automotive, consumer package goods, retail, and pharmaceutical. She is certified with the Learning Styles Inventory, Hogan Assessments, CCL 360, Predictive Index Assessment, and is EQi 2.0 certified.

She has completed her first Ted Talk on How to Relearn to trust your Instincts. and written two books “Coaching 101- A Simplified Guide to Coaching in Business” and launched her second book called “One Wild and Precious Life”

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