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Sell like your career depends upon it.

Join us at Proof restaurant at the Delta Hotel for a unique conversation about sales. Artist, sales executive and sales coach, Michael Downing will chat with Shahi Teruko, the powerful Front Lady of the Soul Motivators and the Queen of selling yourself.  



Chris Albinson 1.jpeg

Opening Keynote: Selling a Vision - Building Big in Canada

Chris Albinson
Chief Executive Officer and President

Communitech's True North Strategy has, at its heart, a seemingless impossible goal: Build up fourteen Canadian tech companies to $1 billion in revenue by 2030. Achieving that goal is more than one person or one tech accelerator can accomplish. It takes a whole country. Communitech CEO Chris Albinson will talk about how he approaches his advocacy for the True North Strategy in a multi stakeholder environment from industry, government, academia and beyond. 

Closing Keynote: How to Get a Sales Job

John P. Davis
Author and Sales Director, OneStream Software

John P. Davis is the author of How to Get a Sales Job and a Sales Director at a leading Enterprise Software company based in Toronto. For the past decade, John has been a leader in the software sales industry in the US and Canada. As a rep, he has multiple sales awards and as a Director, he led several teams, including the entire country of Canada for a division of a Fortune 100 company. Throughout his career, John has taken on several other initiatives. He earned his MBA in Finance & Accounting from the University of Massachusetts and co-founded a multi-million dollar Sales Recruiting company that helps former athletes and veterans transition into Sales. John’s book has been ranked #1 on Amazon in the US & Canada in the Interviewing and Resumes category, and its adoption is growing into the curriculum of collegiate Sales programs across the globe. John is also a speaker at Colleges and Universities and is passionate about students understanding that Sales can be a rewarding career. Prior to sales, John worked in finance on Wall Street. His successful career transition is the reason he inspires others into taking on a career in Sales. John currently resides in downtown Toronto with his wife Pamela and is working on his second book.    


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