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Opening Keynote: To be announced

Closing Keynote: How to Get a Sales Job

John P. Davis

John P. Davis is the author of How to Get a Sales Job and a Sales Director at a leading Enterprise Software company based in Toronto. For the past decade, John has been a leader in the software sales industry in the US and Canada. As a rep, he has multiple sales awards and as a Director, he led several teams, including the entire country of Canada for a division of a Fortune 100 company. Throughout his career, John has taken on several other initiatives. He earned his MBA in Finance & Accounting from the University of Massachusetts and co-founded a multi-million dollar Sales Recruiting company that helps former athletes and veterans transition into Sales. John’s book has been ranked #1 on Amazon in the US & Canada in the Interviewing and Resumes category, and its adoption is growing into the curriculum of collegiate Sales programs across the globe. John is also a speaker at Colleges and Universities and is passionate about students understanding that Sales can be a rewarding career. Prior to sales, John worked in finance on Wall Street. His successful career transition is the reason he inspires others into taking on a career in Sales. John currently resides in downtown Toronto with his wife Pamela and is working on his second book.    


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