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​While new graduates will be entering sales as direct contributors, their goal will

often be to become business leaders as their careers evolve. Our 45-minute presentation will help the educators understand the 5 most important challenges facing modern sales leaders, including some of the high-level strategies they use to be effective.

Jamie Scarborough and Sonya Meloff

Co-Founders, Sales Talent Agency

SESSION #1: The Role, Strategies and Tactics of Sales Leaders in 2019


The simple answer is practically nothing and they are expected to drive revenue to become major forces for economic development and employment in our economy. Any references to sales during their formal education was likely by accident or in a sarcastic manner relating to someone who might be a “sales person”. We need to start teaching the fundamentals of sales to give our budding entrepreneurs a fighting chance in a global economy. This session will show you the science and structure behind sales that can easily become part of mainstream education and help our startups win!

Kevin Hood

Lecturer, University of Waterloo

Sales Mentor, Accelerator Centre

President, Market Access Corporation

SESSION #2: What Canadian Start-ups Know About Sales


How can you leverage technology to enhance the student’s sales skills through experiential learning (role plays)? In this session we will demonstrate how educators can use technology, specifically the GoReact software as well as few other apps, to enhance learning including: providing real time feedback, inspiring higher engagement from students, and the opportunity to reflect and enhance student’s performance, while saving time for the professor in marking role plays.

Professors James Voulakos and Frank Maloney

George Brown College

SESSION #3: So Many Role Plays...So Little Time


International students can face major challenges in sales courses and program. It has been our experience at Centennial that this is due in large part based on cultural norms that are prevalent in their country of origin. In particular these issues (barriers to success) include:

  • Previous learning in hierarchical environments (top down) where individuals are given the learning materials and are expected to repeat that learning – no questions asked.

  • Inability to tell personal stories that can enlist employers and others in their journey, goals and uniqueness.

  • Confidence in describing their purpose and passion – in short story forms.

  • This session will outline how we have injected purpose-driven leadership into our curriculum. This material draws from the research and writing of Nick Craig and Scott Snook. Specifically we will describe the major components of our lesson plans, our teaching strategies and our supplementary materials.

Michael Ryan, Professor

Centennial College

SESSION #4: Finding Purpose Through Storytelling


Pitchboy is a virtual reality training company that creates immersive learning experiences to help Learning and Development professionals train their Sales and Customer Service representatives. As the leading AI-led, voice-activated VR training solution, we improve the way enterprise training is done. We offer customized scenarios, matching real-life situations. We enable standardized training, at scale. We track trainee performance and demonstrate impact on sales and NPS. We make training more efficient, and more fun. 


Co-founded in 2019 by engineers, business developers and communications experts, Pitchboy is now in Paris and New York City. Take this opportunity to try the Pitchboy technology and discuss how it may be used to support your sales education objectives. 

Eliott Maidenberg, Managing Director, PitchBoy

William Hussey, Jr. Account Manager, PitchBoy

SESSION #5: PitchBoy VR/AR Sales Training Demonstration


Learn how modern sales teams are using video from cold calling prospects to closing bigger deals by video throughout the deal cycle.

Dan Wardle, Head of Emerging Business and Business Development, Vidyard

SESSION #6: How Video is Revolutionizing the Sales Process


Sales Enablement partners with leadership to set goals, create strategic plans and execute impactful programming. In this session, we'll take a closer look at the fundamental elements that make a powerful Sales Enablement organization. Check out this blog post for a sneak peek at the world of sales enablement.

Emily Payne, Sr. Enablement Programs Manager, Shopify

SESSION #7: Sales Enablement 101


Building a sales culture can be challenging, especially if students do not choose to sign up for sales electives or “tune out” in sales-specific courses due to misconceptions about the sales profession. Building sales skills into non-sales curriculum is a way to introduce these essential capabilities to a wider range of students and expand their understanding of the usefulness of the sales skillset.


This session will focus on an immersive Shopify-based project that forces students to apply a variety of sales skills: storytelling, product knowledge, solution selling, closing skills, conflict management and negotiation, and focus on sales results. As a bonus, faculty will learn how their students can qualify for three levels of Shopify Badges, a student credential program, which will be officially launched at this workshop. 

Polina Buchan and Pam Bovey Armstrong

St.Lawrence College

Therese Kirrane, Open Learning Program Mgr


SESSION #8: Building a Sales Mindset into a Non-Sales Course


Learn all you need to know to start your very own Student Salesforce Club. Algonquin College is proud to be the first Canadian educational institution to adopt and run a Salesforce Student Group. The students meet regularly with support from Salesforce and work on the learning platform called Trailhead. Learning modules are available and customizable to address all learning and experience levels. Badges and certifications towards mastering specific knowledge and technical skills can be earned at the learner’s pace.With a soft launch in Spring 2018, large enterprise firms like Accenture, Scotiabank, and the Federal Government have taken notice and are actively recruiting students who are part of the Trailblazer Community and working on their badges and certification. 

Bill Garbarino, Professor, Algonquin College

Patrick Charlton, Professor & Entrepreneur in Residence, Algonquin College

SESSION #9: Adopt a Salesforce Student Group and Enhance your Applied Learning Activities with Industry Partners

Bill Garbarino.jpeg

If you are tired of sitting through hours of lackluster role plays then why not consider adding a sales simulation to your class? See how effective this form of assessment is in allowing students to practice the concepts discussed in class. You will be surprised at how engaging a simulation can be and the amount of learning that takes place in each session. Discover how excited students feel about participating in this type of exercise versus sitting through lectures or doing role-plays. Learn how to provide inclusive instructions that allow your students to get the most learning and enjoyment out of the exercise.

Steve Bang, Professor of Business

Humber College

SESSION #10: The Art of Simulation