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Session #1: Leveraging Design Thinking and Innovation in Sales

Simone Moreau-Rodgers, HBA, MA

Sales and Marketing Professor and Entrepreneurship Coach

Fanshawe College

Unlock the potential of design thinking in the sales profession. This workshop demonstrates how design thinking and innovation can drive sales success and how to apply it in the classroom.  


By focusing on practical skills and immediate classroom application, educators will learn to develop sales strategies with an innovative approach and will be able to apply these concepts to current sales teaching methods and classes to help students remain competitive in the marketplace. This approach is crucial in the current business landscape and will prepare students not only to succeed but also to lead in their careers after graduation.  

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Session #2: The 5 Re's to Redesign Sales

Karen Kelly , Sales Trainer | Host of K2 Sales Podcast | Coach | Speaker

As we consider our outbound approach to sales in 2024, we reflect on our successes and losses of 2023. Explore opportunities of where we increased our win rates and why as well as where we didn't achieve optimal results. What was within our control and how can we Redesign our approach to yield a different outcome?

Redesigning our approach begins with layering other areas to drive the results we are looking for. Our mindset, processes, technology, communication and much more.

Balancing our humanized approach to build trust and create meaningful connections combined with leveraging AI to drive efficiency becomes the winning formula.

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Session #3: Sales Hackathon

Facilitated by Rose Mastnak from Conestoga College, Patrick Charlton from Algonquin College and Jeremy Legg from Conestoga College

A sales hackathon is a dynamic and collaborative event that fosters creativity, teamwork, and innovation to drive sales performance and achieve business objectives. It provides a platform for sales professionals to think outside the box, experiment with new ideas, and develop practical solutions to real-world sales challenges.

Done well, a sales hackathon is a dynamic and collaborative event that fosters creativity, teamwork, and innovation to drive sales performance and achieve business objectives.

Hey, what a great activity for our students! We'll try a short, focused sales hackathon in this session to inspire you when you get back into the classroom. And yes, there will be prizes for the best solutions!

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Session #4: State of Sales Report 2024

Nancy Tudorache, Executive Director, Canadian Professional Sales Association

No CSES would be complete without hearing the State of Sales from the experts at the CPSA! Accomplishments, challenges, trends and forecasts. We've got you covered.


The new Executive Director of CPSA, Nancy Tudorache, has an exemplary background in not-for-profit association leadership with a track record of successful ventures in strategic membership activity, acquisition and engagement, financial growth and revenue generation, government and industry advocacy, and the pursuit of operational excellence. Prior to CPSA, Nancy led a renowned annual convention, regional conferences and content and education development as part of her role as the Regional Vice President of the Americas for the Global Business Travel Association (GBTA). Nancy is thrilled to join CPSA in its 150th anniversary year and launch its inaugural national sales conference, >>>Accelerate SALES, the Epic sales conference, powered by CPSA, September 26 & 27 in Toronto, Ontario.

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Session #5: Before and After: Redesigning a College Sales and Marketing Competition

Terry Peddlesden, Professor, Faculty of Business, Durham College

Emma Carrique, Regional Recruiter, Central Canada, Fastenal Canada

For many years, the Durham College Marketing Competition (DCMC) has struggled with the design and execution of the annual marketing competition for marketing students.  The design of DCMC was broken and needed a redesign.  In this session, your college will learn how to plan, develop, and execute a marketing and, most importantly, a sales competition.  You will learn how to partner with industry and create a competition that will be memorable for students, faculty, and sponsors.  You will learn how the flawed DCMC 1.0 became DCMC 2.0 in 2023. 


Also, the results that Durham College achieved:

  • Student registration was over 800 percent. 

  • Students that qualified and confirmed for DCMC and Durham College Sales Competition(DCSC) were over 450 percent.

  • Sponsorship with cash and prizes is over $12,000, an increase of 800 percent. 

  • Based on sponsorship funds, I believe Durham College was the largest sales and marketing competition for a postsecondary institution in Ontario.  I would not be surprised if we are in Canada's top 3 or 5 for postsecondary education.

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Session #6: Investigating U.S. Sales Competitions

  • Blake Neilson PhD - Associate Professor, Department of Professional Sales at Weber State University

  • David Michael Moulton - Faculty of Commerce and Business Administration at Douglas College

The question of whether there is value in Canadian colleges and universities having their students participate in U.S. sales competitions hasn't really been discussed in our forum and we decided that it was time that we brought some amazing experts to the table from the U.S. to learn more about these opportunities. We also have one of our CSES colleagues in the mix to share their experience.

Maybe this is the next frontier for our students as they seek to compete globally for the best sales jobs!

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Optional tours of Algonquin Entrepreneurship
DARE District

Stephen Gagne from Algonquin College

Take a guided tour of the Dare District Since it’s official opening in May 2018, the DARE District, an acronym for Discovery, Applied Research & Entrepreneurship, has been Algonquin College’s hub for creative collisions, collaborative work, and experiential learning. The AC Library and Student Learning Centre boast a multitude of spaces students can use for their projects ranging from bookable meeting rooms to a media studio.

At the centre of the building are the MakerSpace and Entrepreneurship Centre, two unique spaces on campus where learners are encouraged to discover, experiment, and grow from the challenges they set for themselves. Both centres are also actively engaged in creating out-of-class enrichment for programs across Algonquin College’s various schools and faculties.
One of the pillars of Algonquin College’s academic plan is applied research. The DARE District houses applied research labs for Social Innovation, Human-Centered Design, Data Analytics as well as our new Research Development Institute. At the end of each of the three academic terms, DARE hosts RE/ACTION, a large-scale showcase of student-driven applied research in action.

Experts Panel



Checking in with industry on key issues in sales today and in the future. 

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