SESSION #1: Cold Calling Masterclass

Dan Silverback, Director of Business Development

Katherine Perrin, Marketing Manager

Sales Talent Agency

​Over the past 21 years, Sales Talent Agency has helped over 1,500 companies hire top performing sales professionals throughout North America. And you know what we consistently hear that's missing from junior hires? The ability to cold call. This presentation will walk educators through a how-to session on cold calling and includes takeaways that can be implemented into a classroom learning activity. 

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SESSION #2: Something Awesome TBC

Someone Awesome TBC

Details of something awesome!


SESSION #3: MBTI Reimagined

Jeff MacKeigan, Professor and MBTI Certified Practitioner

Michael Ryan, Program Co-ordinator - Corporate Account Management

Centennial College

Could the use of the familiar Myers-Briggs tool help to address some of the challenges we face in sales education, specifically with  international students? A lack of self-awareness, a gap in interpersonal skills, little exposure to interactive learning environments and an empathy/being of service gap are some of the barriers to success. We have integrated MBTI into our Solution Selling courses and have data and real student examples of the positive results. 

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SESSION #4: The Live Capstone Project

Mike Ford, Professor

Kwantlan College

Capstone projects are meant to be challenging, immersive and as close to "real life" as possible in order to give the students an opportunity to apply their program learning. ENTR4140 at Kwantlan is full course dedicated to a "real life" sales project that provides a learning environment for students to experience the trials and tribulations of a sales career first hand. I'll offer the details of my project and teaching strategies and encourage you to bring your Capstone ideas to share with others in the session.

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SESSION #5 and #12: LinkedIn Bootcamp

Scott J Hubert, Coordinator, Business Marketing

Lawrence Kinlin School of Business, Fanshawe College

Rick Lambert

B2B Sales Performance Coach & CEO SelltoWin

This industry and academic partnership delivers experiential learning, coaching and tangible takeaways for students using this important sales tool. We'll walk you through the Fanshawe case study and provide implementation best practices. The session wouldn't be complete without us throwing you in the deep end as we review and provide recommendations to improve your LinkedIn profile on the spot 



SESSION #6: Teaching the Tech Stack

Jeremy Legg, Professor & Coordinator

Conestoga College

Every business uses some combination of tools to manage the sales process - the tech stack. It can be easy to get caught in the weeds so it's important to have a strategy to address this subject with students. What exactly is a tech stack? What types of tools are included? What do they do? Which matters more:understanding what a certain type of tool in the stack does or the tool itself? We'll look at some real world sales tech stacks and give you some great content to make your students go Wow!


SESSION #7: The Sales Lab Pilot

Rose Mastnak, Director Conestoga Entrepreneurship Collective

Michael Downing, Lead Sales Coach, Sales Lab

Sales Lab Pilot Student Panel

Conestoga College

What would happen if keen students applied to be a part of an experiment? What if they were high-performers, loved sales,wanted to make it a career? What if we coached them one-on-one, developed their individual skill sets and exposed them to sales industry mentors? What if industry were dying for candidates like these? We'll walk you through our Sales Lab Pilot Experiment and you'll hear from the students themselves!

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SESSION #8: Something Awesome TBD

Someone awesome TBD

Awesome details!

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SESSION #9: Leveraging Tech Sales Tools

Bill Garbarino, Professor, Algonquin College

Patrick Charlton, Professor & Entrepreneur in Residence

Algonquin College

Learn how to incorporate specific functionalities from a variety of platforms that enhance the sales process and connect with your learning outcomes. Discuss and learn how affiliations to certain platforms can increase opportunity for meaningful employment for your students. You will walk away from this session with a confident understanding of how to include these tools in your classroom. Platforms include: Hubspot (LMS and CRM), Tableau (Data Visualization), Trailhead by Salesforce (LMS and CRM) and Adobe Creative Suite (Creative Collateral).


SESSION #10: Transforming the Student Mindset

James Voulakos, Professor 

Dr. Andy Ohemeng Asare, Professor

George Brown College

How can we get our students to think, behave and feel like sales professionals? In this session we'll discuss teaching and learning activities and strategies to deepen student communication skills and confidence in selling. Experience first hand how to use video recordings to create a learning environment where students transform their mindset from being passive to active, self-directed learners - in and outside of the classroom. We'll share our results as well as challenges associated with this approach.


SESSION #11: Supercharge a Single Sales Course

Robert Eirich, Professor 


If you've only got one sales course in your program, you've got to make it count! We'll discuss how to supercharge your one and only sales course to emulate the commercial sales process in your classroom using industry documents and processes, project learning and industry mentorship. You'll experience what the students experience in this applied workshop format and be empowered to implement this yourself with a comprehensive toolkit of resources.


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