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Session #1: Selling Yourself

Michael Downing, Author, Artist and Lead Coach, Conestoga Sales Lab

Shahi Teruko, Singer, Songwriter and Lead Singer of The Soul Motivators

During this workshop, discover how authentic self-branding and storytelling can be the gateway to a successful career and explore practical strategies for nurturing and leveraging sought-after qualities.

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Session #2: LinkedIn to Win!

Rick Lambert, SMARKETING GUY - Keynote Speaker I B2B Sales Coach I Digital Marketing Strategist I Podcast Host I CEO

Supercharge your students profiles (and your own!) with award winning sales performance Coach Rick Lambert. You’ll leave with tangible takeaways, content ideas and best practices you can use right away with this proven program that has helped thousands of Fanshawe students unleash their employment potential on the #1 B2B social media channel – LinkedIn.

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Session #3: Bringing Hands-on CRM into Sales Class

Drew Simons, Marketing Professor, Seneca College and Principal Advisor, SICON CRM Inc.

Salesforce published a study in January of 2022 (Salesforce Launches Global Digital Skills Index: In-Depth Insights from 23,000 Workers - Salesforce News) showing the global state of workplace digital skills readiness. For Gen Z, only 8% of Canadian respondents said they were ‘very prepared’ with Workplace Digital Skills.


As Sales Educators, we have the opportunity to help our students get ‘job ready’ by bringing hands-on exposure to one the most highly sought after skills: Salesforce. In this workshop, Professors can learn how to use Trailhead and Salesforce Playgrounds to give students hands-on experience with important sales tools: Lead Management, Opportunity Management, and Quote Generation.

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Session #4: Teaching Sales Management in Canada

David Moulton, Instructor, Marketing and Sales, Douglas College

This will be an interactive workshop for those instructors who are either teaching sales management in their existing academic programme or are interested or considering doing so in the near future.  It will be an opportunity for exploring what tools are available for teaching this subject as well as discuss some of the major changes in sales management (e.g. digital marketing, social media and remote selling).  In addition, we will explore some of the challenges of the modern sales manager – ensuring diversity and tolerance in the salesroom, understanding the impact of unconscious biases in hiring, evaluation and promotional decisions.  Attendees will leave the session with an abundance of new ideas and concepts for their teaching of this very important business subject.

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Session #5: Soft Skill Development Using Simulation

Imran Mouna, Co-founder, InStage

Patrick Charlton, Sales & Marketing Professor, Algonquin School of Business and Hospitality

Soft skills, such as effective communication, are essential in today's competitive job market, especially in the sales function. However, many students struggle to develop these skills, which can limit their academic and professional success.

Learn how a pilot conducted by the School of Business at Algonquin College addressed these issues by leveraging AI-driven simulation technology in collaboration with Instage, a company that offers 3D simulations to help students develop communication skills in a safe and immersive environment.

During this session, Professor Patrick Charlton from the School of Business and Imran Mouna, Co-Founder of InStage, will present their findings from this collaboration. They will showcase how a group of business students used InStage simulations to prepare for an upcoming sales presentation and share the results and feedback they collected.

Attendees will gain insights into how they can easily implement simulation technology to help their students develop the soft skills needed to succeed in today's workforce. This session is a must-attend for educators and professionals who are passionate about empowering students with the skills they need to thrive.

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Session #6: Elevate your game as a sales educator in addressing some of the most challenging aspects of teaching today—Student Engagement, Accountability, and Artificial Intelligence  

James Voulakos, Professor of Marketing, George Brown College

Are you struggling to engage students in the age of AI? Are you tired of using the same old teaching methods that no longer resonate with today's learners? If so, join us for a workshop that will revolutionize your approach to teaching sales. 

At this workshop, you'll learn from James, a Professor of Marketing who has experimented with innovative learning techniques to engage his students and drive better learning outcomes. Through trial and error, James has developed a set of methodologies that are now staples in a variety of courses. And the best part? You don't have to repeat his mistakes - you can learn from his successes and failures to elevate your game as an educator. 

We will explore some of the most challenging aspects of teaching sales today, including student engagement, accountability, and AI. You'll learn how to use AI as an enabler of learning and as a sales tool, rather than a threat. Also, you will learn how to design highly engaging class discussions (online or in person) where students take the lead and embrace accountability and responsibility. We'll also delve into how to integrate video recordings, roleplays, instant feedback loops, and accountability processes to drastically improve students' level of competency in sales skills. 

But that's not all - we'll also show you how to create exams that maximize students' learning and provide personalized feedback while minimizing the time spend on grading.  

By the end of the workshop, you'll be equipped with a toolkit of proven techniques that will help you engage your students, improve accountability, and drive better learning outcomes. Don't miss this opportunity to transform your teaching.

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